Students are Priority One!

Campus Light Ministries

The purposes of this organization are as follows: To encourage and strengthen Christians in their faith. To ground students in the fundamentals of faith. To equip students to effectively serve the Lord Jesus Christ. To engage students in fulfilling the Lord’s commission to make disciples of all nations. To point students to Bible-believing, gospel preaching churches in which they can become active while at college, and which they can use examples of the kind of church to join after college. To provide opportunities for Christian fellowship among Christian students. To assist students in making the proper adjustments to meet the challenges and pressures of college. To prepare students to establish strong Christian homes and families after college.

Officers (Please click on their names to email them)
President: Elaina Segsworth

Vice President: Tyler Dorsey

Treasurer: Rubhi Garcia

Adviser: Michael V. Minnick

Meeting Time / Location
Tuesday 6:00 PM Bookstore Lounge

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